Is Professional Commercial Cleaning A Good Income Opportunity For You?

Is Commercial Cleaning A Good Income Opportunity For You?

If your current job is not paying enough, or just does not have room for advancement and raises in the future, you might be considering going into other lines of work to make ends meet or just to make extra money. You are probably thinking that you have certain sets of skills that could meet the needs of clients, and cleaning things is certainly something most people know how to do, yet so many are unwilling. Does that mean that commercial cleaning is a good income opportunity for you?

It can be, if done right. The real trick to this is finding the right clients that need the services you can provide and whose schedules align with the hours you are available. When you are just first starting out doing commercial cleaning work, it is not a great idea to quit your day job, even if you think around the clock availability might help you drum up business. The truth is, it just might do that, but it is unlikely to immediately bring you so much work that you can make a full time living doing commercial cleaning.

If you do want to do commercial cleaning full time right away, then your best bet is to get employed with an established professional commercial cleaning company that already has a substantial client base. That way you can pick new skills or at least expand upon and build on your existing base of knowledge. You can also learn the business from the inside before striking out on your own.

Once you do choose to go solo, be it from working for a competitor or from your original day job, the first thing you need to do is simple yet hard: you have to score your first client. That can be rather difficult if you do not have existing business already who can give referrals and provide you good word of mouth.

It’s almost like something annoying everyone discovers in high school. If you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s hard to find one, but once you do have one, members of the opposite gender start paying attention to you all the time. Snagging your first customer is no different. Once you have your first contract and regular gig, you’ll have more confidence to get a second, and then a third, and they just keep rolling in after that.