Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company for Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company

After a long construction project, the most important part of the process is to clean up after yourself.


A lot of mess will be in place and that is something you will need to clear up as soon as possible. If not, you are going to see stagnant results that aren’t worth the work you have put in. For those who are setting up such construction projects, the best option is to go with a local commercial cleaning company.

What do you need to look at as you are making a new hire? Here are six tips.

1) Look At Previous Projects

You want to take a look at the work they have done in the past to see how it shapes up.

If you are not looking at previous projects, you might not be able to get a gist of how they pursue these projects. They might end up wasting time or producing results that are inferior to what is out there. Take your time looking at their portfolio to ensure you are safe.

This is a sizable investment and you want to get it right so money isn’t thrown down the drain as you wind up.

2) Analyze Speed

The speed at which you are working will always matter.

You want to think about how quickly they are going to get things done from the moment you speak to them. if they are going to delay the project or not bring the right resources into the mix, how are you going to be happy at the end of the day?

You are going to hate it and that is the last thing you want to feel as a client.

Make sure you are assessing their speed and only going with those who are firm with their timeline.

3) Meet In Person

Are you ready to speak to them in person to see how they are as human beings?

The first thing you want to do is set up a meeting in person and the reason has to do with getting a feel for the people. You don’t want to go with those who are looking at you as a way to make money and nothing else. Yes, you are the client but you deserve to go with those who are kind and caring.

This will matter because it will show they are honest with the job that is being done and will not wilt under pressure.

4) Speak With 2-3 Construction Clean up Companies

Speaking to multiple clean up companies in the region is the ideal way to go and is something all clients need to consider.

What is the reason for doing this when you could go with any random clean up company?

The goal is to make sure you are doing your due diligence and not hoping to hit the jackpot right off the bat. Sure, you might get lucky but is that the kind of risk you want to take after putting in a lot of work. This is something you want to stay patient with.

5) Highlight Budget For Cleaning

The budget is something you have to get down as soon as possible.

The reason is simple enough, if you don’t know how much is going to be spent on the project, you are not going to get the right people in place. It is a real waste to spend time finding a company only to realize they are too expensive for your needs.

As a busy client, you have to pinpoint those who are in your budget right away so you don’t have to waste too much time going through the motions of setting up meetings. Getting quick quotes is always suitable in such cases.

6) Go With Specialists

It is not ideal to go with those who might be able to clean for you but don’t work with construction clients.

The right option is always going to be one where specialists are kept in mind. This is how you are going to see better results and it will work out in your favor. Clients need to make sure the specialists are trained to handle these needs.

If not, they will not do a good job and that could be a real waste.

These are tips for finding a commercial cleaning company for post construction cleaning. You will need to factor in all variables when it comes to the process and how you are going to pursue it. The idea is to eliminate the stress that comes along with this portion of the project.

You are close to the finish line and skipping out here is the last thing you want to do.

Here’s a video from a few years ago to give you an idea of how they’ll price the contracts, this is only a guide.

You’re best to get a few prices and then make your best choice.

Be smart and take these tips into account as you are putting together a good solution for the post construction cleaning.